Sunday, 18 January 2015

On our way home

Just on the A3 so hoping to be home at about 3.45...

Sunday morning

A slightly warmer night last night! Everyone slept well and after breakfast we took part in the ships colours ceremony. Now we are at the Explosion Museum.

Our accomodation:


Saturday, 17 January 2015

The historic dockyard


Brilliant morning with a tour of HMS Victory including lots of gory detail about surgical procedures on board. Then onto HMS Warrior with demonstrations of how the guns were fired. Now eating lunch and have had many comments on how smart and well behaved the group is.

HMS Warrior

HMS Victory

Boat transfer/harbour tour

Hms bristol

We arrived safely last night and had a good evening on board.  Up at 6.30 this morning and had breakfast...

Now back to gather kit before we go out.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Portsmouth Trip

Some info about where the Explorers are staying this weekend:

HMS Bristol is the latest Royal Navy ship to be employed as a harbour training and accommodation
ship for the Royal Navy, Royal Navy Reserves, Cadet Forces and Youth Organizations.

Permanently berthed at Whale Island, the Ship remains in commission, has a Royal Navy
Commanding Officer and operates as a Department of HMS Excellent.

A Type 82 Destroyer of 7000 tons, and the seventh ship to bear the name, Bristol was laid down as
the first of her class, designed to escort aircraft carriers planned in the 1960s;she was the only one
built because the aircraft carriers were cancelled.