Saturday, 22 August 2015

Lunch stop

Just leaving Rownhams Services after lunch so looking like 6pm will be about right for our arrival home. 

Any parents wishing to help unload the van into the hall when we get back would be greatly appreciated. Please also leave the road outside the hall clear so that we can get in with the boat trailers!

Final flag

Final flag and we are all ready to go. Fingers crossed for light traffic and will post again when we know what time we will be back.

Friday, 21 August 2015


The bouncy castles have been picked up and we've had our last sessions out on the water. Most of the Explorers rowed to Brownsea Island to get a "selfie by the stone":

Warning - the following pictures were taken by an Explorer...

The Scouts spent the morning sailing although with a slightly stronger wind we had quite a few capsizes!

We've now got Corned Beef Hash for dinner - it's that point on the week where all the fresh food has been eaten. Thoughts are turning to packing up and dropping the tents.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Medieval night

Bouncy Things

Medieval prep

After waking up to this amazing view:

all the Scouts and Explorers went out to Swanage for the morning (with the Expedition Crew who all arrived back safe and happy if ever so slightly wet).

This has left the site clear to start the medieval night prep and our bouncy castles have arrived...

Watch this space for T-shirt pics, hog roast pics and fancy dress...

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Rock Climbing:

More Rock Climbing

Medieval (ish) Shields

Expedition Group

Happy Sailors:


It's raining. Quite heavily actually but that's really not unexpected on a Cambria camp. Everyone is wet but happy.

So today the Explorers were Rock Climbing and Coasteering. The scouts spent the morning making shields ready for medieval night and then went sailing in the afternoon. 

The 8 older scouts doing their expedition challenge spent a couple of hours gathering food and kit and packing everything into waterproof bags. They cleaned down the muddy rowing boats (of their own accord...) and packed their kit aboard. We waved them farewell as they departed to Brownsea Island for a night on their own. Is it ok to admit I had a tear in my eye as I was so proud of them? Well ok so we have leaders shadowing them but they don't know that. All they know is that they have check points planned for certain times over the rest of the day. They also have to cook their own dinner and set up their own camp. 

Back on the main campsite we've all had dinner (pasta) and now doing some sailing theory worksheets. We've also had word that the scouts on Brownsea Island arrived safely.

Waiting for the apple pies in the oven to finish cooking and then probably bed!

Camp update

We've had a busy couple of days! After kit inspection yesterday the Explorers went off to Brownsea Island in the rowing boats. The scouts all went sailing - half out in the wider channel in the Topaz and the rest in the bay in the toppers. 

Lunch (nachos) was followed by birthday cake and the afternoon saw Steve making pie whilst everyone else was doing more boating. The wind was stronger for the afternoon so the Explorers took the Topaz leaving the scouts powerboating and rowing.

Before dinner the scouts doing their expedition challenge brushed up on some trangia and camp craft skills ready for tomorrow. And after that the pies that took so long to make were demolished in minutes!

Monday, 17 August 2015


Scouts were Coasteering today leaving the Explorers sailing this morning and powerboating this afternoon.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Mud fight...

Sailing Debrief:

Free time:

Mud fight (we don't think they will be doing that again)

Dinner prep (stuffing):


So breakfast was at 8 not 7.30! Everyone has had bacon rolls and cerial for breakfast then a quick session on local knowledge and sailing areas.

Our first water session has been good fun with Explorers out rowing and scouts sailing. We even had a visit from Batman and Robin. 

Lunch was pasties by the water and this afternoon will see some silly races to make the most of the last of the tide.


They are everywhere. Miracles that is! The first one is that the flat battery on my phone is charged again!

Here are some more...

Toilets, wash tent and flood lighting:

Kitchen sink, running water and drainor

Tooth brushing sink:


Lunch by the water


Rowing Boats

Topaz coming home for lunch: